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Homo Emo: Drake Fucks Sean's Sweet Ass

Sean Taylor has never been fucked on video before, but one of Homo Emo’s big cocked tops – Drake Blaize – soon took care of that. The boys start things off off by sharing blowjobs and deep throat one another like they haven’t eaten in days. Even though Sean is the more submissive of the two lads, Drake does a proper job on getting Sean in the right mood by servicing him orally quite well both on his dick, as well as his sweet arse hole. By the time Drake had worked Sean’s butt good and deep with his tongue for a while, Sean was chomping at the bit to get that fat emo cock up inside his ass. Drake gets the point and proceeds to fuck the hell out of Sean in many different positions – throwing him around like the submissive rag doll that he is!

Catch Them Fucking On Video Here

Homo Emo: Kevin Fucks New Emo Kayden Spike
Kayden Spike is one of the newest emo boys to join the Homo Emo team and right from the first day he started hanging around he’s been bugging them about getting fucked in the ass on video. It didn’t really surprise anyone that his very first choice to take on the task was well hung emo top Kevin Nash. Kayden is submissive pretty much as soon as the cameras are rolling – going down on Kevin’s thick cock as soon as they get in some passionate kissing. Kevin loves it when a hot and horny emo boy works his shaft and looks down at Kayden with awe as the new boy gives great head. Kevin reciprocates of course, but just for a while, as Kayden really does want to get boned as soon as possible. Kevin takes the hint and proceeds to plow Kayden’s tight emo ass spoon style at first, then with Kevin facing him. As you can see from the last pic, the boys had a great time and let go of some rather messy emo jizz loads!

Kevin rams New Emo Boy Kayden Spikes Ass

Homo Emo: Kayden Spike Dildos His Ass
Yes it’s true, Kayden Spike is back already once again at Homo Emo, but this time he wanted to try a solo shoot using a big rubber dildo to fuck his tight emo boy ass with. As you can see, Kayden is all about having a good time, evident by his heart sign in the first picture. Yeah, he’s a real cutie indeed and looks even better when he’s got that 7 inch uncut cock of his out and is wanking it good and hard. Add that big rubber of his toy into the mix and this twink is fucking fantastic to watch. He takes it all up his emo ass too until a thick load of spunk cums flying out of his rock hard dick and makes a right mess of his lap and stomach!

Kayden Loves Being Watched When He Cums

College newbies want join to famous fraternity. But fraternity chief challenge them with complicated tests. Guys must pass all tests and gain chiefs respect. They suck cock, getting spanked and drinking lots of beer.
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Few college students having fun on a weekend with lot of beer and chips. They playing funny games but it’s going too far and drunk boys fuck each other and suck each others cock. He he. Somebody will regret tomorrow)
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